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What is WDLXTV?

WDLXTV is a homebrew firmware developed by the community for the WDTV line of products from Western Digital. Its goal is to add a lot of new features on top of what is already provided by WD, such as movie sheets, Bittorrent, streaming from external online sources, and a lot more.


Supported devices are:

  • WDTV Gen 1 (older version of WDLXTV)
  • WDTV Gen 2 (Model number WDBABF0000NBK)
  • WDTV Live (Model number WDBAAN0000NBK, WDBAAP0000NBK)
  • WDTV Live Plus (Model number WDBABX0000NBK, WDBREC0000NBK, WDBG3A0000NBK)

Not supported devices are:

  • WDTV Mini
  • WDTV Live Hub (Model number WDBABZ0010BBK, WDBACA0010BBK)
  • WDTV Live Streaming (aka Gen 3) (Model number WDBHG70000NBK, WDBGXT0000NBK)


WDLXTV is developed by a small team of volunteers:

  • b-rad - Lead developer / Project maintainer / Designer
  • recliq - Programming / Project maintainer
  • RMerlin - Webend WDLXTV Configurator & Webend Management
  • zoster - UMSP media server
  • Shunte & mad_ady - UMSP plugin management
  • PsychoTHC - Webend Button Icons
  • Pennhaven - logos
  • Bovirus - localization manager

Additional contributors:

  • rezmus, pibos, MR_Miyagi, derlinuxer, psychodad, thespecialist
  • Themers: eM82, PsychoTHC, Juliojs, lilibabe, KAD
  • ReMARKable - SVN server donation


These are some of the new features that WDLXTV adds to the WDTV platform:

  • Bittorrent client (rtorrent + rutorrent)
  • Usenet download client (nzbget)
  • DAAP/Roku server (through mt-daapd)
  • NFS sharing (client and server)
  • User-generated movie sheets
  • Apache web server
  • FTP server
  • SSH server
  • Streaming from online sources through third-party plugins, allows you access to services such as Picasa, Grooveshark, Apple Trailers, and much more - over 30 plugins available at this time
  • Shoutcast
  • YoutubeHD (WD only allows for SD content)
  • Custom applications through app.bin or Optware, adding applications such as Asterisk, Mediatomb, etc...
  • WDTVExt, allowing custom plugins that can alter the functionality of the OSD (BaseFW 1.02 ONLY)
  • Third party OSD themes
  • Custom wallpaper and screen saver image
  • Customizable IR remote functions
  • ...and a lot more

Release information


For community support, make sure you register to the official WDLXTV forums. The forum is quite active, and a lot of questions are already answered on these forums - make sure you search through them if you have any question regarding WDLXTV.

This Wiki will also contain a lot of information on how to take full advantage of WDLXTV and the numerous features it adds to the original WD firmware.




Older WDTV Gen 1 devices

For those older devices, you need an older release of WDLXTV, available here:

How To Install



Basic setup after flashing

Advanced setup

Solutions to common problems


Built in Features


Advanced Features


HowTos and Guides

General Tips

General Networking

NFS Sharing

Advanced tweaks


Additional resources

Visit the official FAQ for the latest list of known issues, common questions, etc...

External Resources

Software Applications

WDTV ThumbGen

Mass Folder Renamer

Obsolete Links (To be sorted)

  • Restricted plugins - How to download and configure the restricted plugins (aka Adult content)