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NOTE: Nearly all of these options can now be edited much more easily through the web-based WEC interface.


The S00custom-options is a file that contains settings that you can configure that aren't accessible by the regular Settings option on the WDTV. WARNING: Any syntax errors in this file will cause the OSD to not boot at all.

File placement

This file is executed only when the WDTV starts/boots up, every boot, so operations placed here should not be adversely affected by multiple execution. If you want to apply changes, you have to issue a reboot -f from ssh/telnet or unplug and replug the power cord.

The file is called S00custom-options (no extension). Place it on the root directory of a USB drive attached at boot.

You can also name it S00user-script and place it to the /conf directory on the WDTV. If you choose to create a /conf/S00user-script you must make sure it contains no syntax errors as it will prevent your wdxtv from booting.


How to use S00custom-options

To enable any setting you see in the file, remove the hash mark (#) from the start of the line. this:

#config_tool -c SOMESETTING=somesetting


config_tool -c SOMESETTING=somesetting

config_tool settings 'stick' after being executed once, so you are only required to set them once.

Available settings

Here is a list of currently available config_tool commands for the WDTV Live (running WDLXTV-Live firmware). These settings are available in the version or higher. For settings from a previous version see the comments in the corresponding S00custom file which is included in every release. The settings can also be set by manual execution via telnet/ssh.

Changing the background

Supplying a single image name only works if that image resides in /osd. You may instead use an absolute location to specify any background image you desire, just make sure it exists.

  • For the original background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=original_bg.jpg
  • For eM82's backdrop background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=eM82_bg.jpg
  • For the wood panel (default) background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=villa_bg.jpg

Simplest way to change the background image is adding your image renamed to villa_bg.jpg (maxsize=524288) to root folder of USB drive, and power cycle.

Changing the screensaver image

Change screen saver image between wdlxtv & original WD logo's, or arbitrary location

  • wdlxtv logo
config_tool -c SCREEN_SAVER_IMAGE=screen_saver.png
  • original WD logo
config_tool -c SCREEN_SAVER_IMAGE=screen_saver.orig.png
  • some random location (absolute)
config_tool -c SCREEN_SAVER_IMAGE=/tmp/mnt/123ed956-1256-4825-9e79-86fc1e0febaa/some/random/screensaver-image.png

You can also supply an image, on an attached device at boot (like S00custom-options), which is NOT larger than 512KB named screen_saver.png and it will be used as the custom screen saver image ONLY screen_saver.png will work in this method, and *you may remove the device if you desire* after screen_saver.png has been loaded

Number of entries in list view

This will change the number of rows in list view.

config_tool -c LISTNUM=4
config_tool -c LISTNUM=6
config_tool -c LISTNUM=8
config_tool -c LISTNUM=10  # (default)
config_tool -c LISTNUM=11
config_tool -c LISTNUM=12

Number of thumbnails in video thumb view

This will change the video thumb view to various amounts of thumbs. It changes the resolution of the displayed image.

config_tool -c THUMBRESO=150x200  #12 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=163x245  #8 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=180x240  #10 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=225x300  #4 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=240x360  #4 thumbs

Number of thumbnails in music/photo thumb view

This will change the music and photo thumb views to various amounts of thumbs.

config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=10  #10
config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=15  #15  (default)

Video info overlay position

This requires reboot after change. Used to be able to see subtitles during pause, timing, etc.

  • Upper ~60% of the screen:
config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2
  • Top (warning: options bar covers up info overlay with setting 3):
config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=3

Subtitle sizes

This will change the subtitle size to one not menu-selectable.

config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=44
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=48
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=50
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=52
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=56
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=60
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=64
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=68
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=72
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=76
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=80


Change your timezone. Use this as a guide.

config_tool -c TIMEZONE=PST8PDT  #Pacific North America


Change the hostname (what other devices over the network see your WDTV as).

config_tool -c DEVICE_NAME=SomeHostName

Custom USB slot icons

config_tool -c USBICONS='OFF'    #  (default: ON)

Disable telnet server

config_tool -c TELNETD=OFF       #  (default: ON)

Custom telnet server port

config_tool -c TELNETPORT=49532  #  (default: 23)

Disable pure-ftpd server

config_tool -c FTPD=OFF          #  (default: ON)

Disable dropbear ssh server

config_tool -c SSHD=OFF          #  (default: ON)

Custom dropbear ssh server port

config_tool -c SSHPORT=62356     #  (default: 22)

Disable keep alive of ethernet during WDTV Live standby


Delay for net.mounts execution

in case of wireless adapter usage and shares not showing up

config_tool -c NET_MOUNTS_DELAY=30

Automatic IP obtain at boot

NTP requires IPUP=ON

config_tool -c IPUP=OFF          #  (default: OFF)

Enable NTP (Network Time Protocol)

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol for synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. It is designed particularly to resist the effects of variable latency by using a jitter buffer. For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Time_Protocol

ONLY with wireless: NTP adds ~20s to the initial boot of the device due to the bringing up and acquisition of wireless network address. If NTP fails because of slow address acquire you can increase delay to NTP_DELAY.

config_tool -c NTP=ON

Custom NTP server

config_tool -c NTPSERVER=pool.ntp.org

NTP delay

NTP delay in seconds (in case of slow wireless adapter)

config_tool -c NTP_DELAY=0

Disable mt-daapd digital audio server

mt-daapd is a multi-threaded DAAP server for Linux and other POSIX type systems. Allows a Linux box to share audio files with DAAP-Clients (iTunes, XBMC etc.).

Disabling the mt-daapd server saves approximately 10MB of RAM.

config_tool -c MT-DAAPD=OFF

Disable pandora binary

Pandora is personalized internet radio only for listeners located in the United States. For more information visit http://www.pandora.com/.

Default is ON. Disabling Pandora hides the menu icon, disables the binary and saves approximately 2MB of RAM.

config_tool -c PANDORA=OFF

Disable UMSP

UMSP is an internal UPnP Media Server based on PHP.

UMSP requires APACHE=ON.

config_tool -c UMSP=OFF          #  (default: ON)

Disable Apache webserver

WARNING: Disabling Apache will make UMSP, youtubeHD, shoutcast, and (of course) the webend stop working!

config_tool -c APACHE=OFF        #  (default: ON)

Enable rTorrent

rTorrent is a BitTorrent client for ncurses, using the libtorrent library. The client and library focus on speed and efficiency, while delivering equivalent features to those found in GUI based clients in an ncurses client.
ruTorrent is a web frontend for rTorrent.

  • SSH server must be enabled to start rTorrent
  • apache webserver must be enabled to use web UI (ruTorrent)
  • RTORRENT_DIR *MUST* be set for full functionality!
  • ruTorrent & rTorrent DEPEND on it
config_tool -c RTORRENT=ON       #  (default: OFF)

Set rTorrent data location

for incomplete/session/finished/rutorrent
the line below is an EXAMPLE(!) to have your device mounted at /tmp/mnt
create a file on it called: .mnt

config_tool -c RTORRENT_DIR=/tmp/mnt/123ed956-1256-4825-9e79-86fc1e0febaa/

Enable NZBGet usenet client

NZBGet is a command-line based binary newsgrabber for nzb files.
NZBWebget is a web frontend for NZBGet.

NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers.

For more information see:

Usenet provider charge users a monthly fee to provide entree to the Usenet itself, by providing access to files called "binaries" stored on their own servers.

Disabled by default. Apache webserver must be enabled to use web UI.

config_tool -c NZBGET=ON         #  (default: OFF)

Disable online-delayer

Disable online-delayer (in case of stalled network detection) or because nzbget / rtorrent / net.mounts / etc won't execute

config_tool -c ONLINEDELAYER=OFF

Power actions

Power actions are executed when the OSD is suspended/resumed.
Power actions are NOT executed when your wdtv live comes on from cold boot / power cycle.
Power actions are executed when:

  • the wdtv live goes into standby via remote
  • the wdtv live wakes up from suspend via remote

Use S00custom-options or S00user-script for actions that happen at boot.
DO NOT EXECUTE usb.power.on OR usb.power.off in power actions (see USB_POWER_OFF setting).

You may have number actions which are executed in order.

config_tool -c POWER_UP_ACTION='logger -t "power_up_action" "I am doing something"
config_tool -c POWER_UP_ACTION20='sleep 5; ether-wake -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx; sleep 10; /etc/init.d/S90net.mounts start'
config_tool -c POWER_DOWN_ACTION='logger -t "power_down_action" "the OSD has been suspended!"'

Enable/Disable Samba Windows share server

Disabled by default

config_tool -c ENABLE_SAMBA_SHARE=1   #  enable Samba Windows share server
config_tool -c ENABLE_SAMBA_SHARE=0   #  disable Samba Windows share server

Change SMB resolve order to 'proper' order

This may or may not work for you. This MUST contain either valid settings or be blank.

  • Stock/official firmware order:
config_tool -c SMB_RESOLVEORDER='bcast lmhosts wins host'
  • Proper/corrected order:
config_tool -c SMB_RESOLVEORDER='lmhosts host wins bcast'

Change Samba share export to not allow guest (anonymous) mounting

smbpasswd is stored in /conf This setting requires a reboot if executed manually (telnet/ssh instead of S00 script)

config_tool -c SYSTEM_USERNAME='SambaUser'
config_tool -c SYSTEM_PASSWORD='SambaUser'
config_tool -c SMBSHARE_USERNAME='SambaUser'
config_tool -c SMBSHARE_PASSWORD='SambaUser'

Enable guest read only access, plus user protected write access

This setting makes no sense without the settings above set


Disable/Enable Samba exported shares on standby

Default is ON.

config_tool -c SMB_STANDBY=OFF

Disable/Enable Samba auto export mode

Default is ON.

config_tool -c SMBD_AUTO=OFF

Set Samba Workgroup

config_tool -c SAMBA_WORKGROUP=SomeWorkgroup

Enable NFSD kernel NFS server

Default is OFF.

config_tool -c NFSD=ON

Enable NFSD auto export mode

Default is OFF. Requires NFSD_AUTO_DEFAULT Overrides /conf/exports

config_tool -c NFSD_AUTO=ON

NFSD auto export mode default setting

config_tool -c NFSD_AUTO_DEFAULT=',async,no_subtree_check),async,no_subtree_check)'

Turn off 5V to USB Bus on standby

(when you press power off on remote)
This action is prevented by the following:

  • root.bin active
  • OSD Theme active
  • Optware active
  • app.bin active
  • rtorrent or NZBget enabled
config_tool -c USB_POWER_OFF=1

Extra translations

Select one of the extra translations, that is not selectable from the language options. It is only possible to set ONE locale at a time.

  • Netherlands: nl
  • Greece: gr
  • Catalan: ca
  • Hungarian: hu
config_tool -c LOCALE=nl
config_tool -c LOCALE=gr
config_tool -c LOCALE=ca
config_tool -c LOCALE=hu

Enable YouTube Switcher

You can only use one at a time!
To enable YouTube HD (youtubeHD requires setting YOUTUBE_QUALITY too):

config_tool -c YOUTUBE_SWITCHER=youtubeHD

To enable EasyNews XViD proxy:

config_tool -c YOUTUBE_SWITCHER=easynews

To disable YouTube Switcher:

config_tool -c YOUTUBE_SWITCHER=''

EasyNews YouTube Switcher settings

config_tool -c EASYNEWS_USER=user
config_tool -c EASYNEWS_PASSWORD=password

youtubeHD YouTube Switcher quality setting

config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=270P
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=360P
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=480P
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=720P
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=1080P

Live365 Switcher

You can only use one at a time!
To enable Shoutcast

config_tool -c LIVE365_SWITCHER=shoutcast

go back to live365

config_tool -c LIVE365_SWITCHER=''

Enable Eiri

Default is OFF. What is eiri and howto here.

config_tool -c Eiri=ON 

WDTVExt internal plugin debug level

  • 0 : logging disabled (default)
  • 1-5 : higher levels of output (1 least -> 5 most)
config_tool -c MOVIESHEET_DEBUG=5
config_tool -c RELOADER_DEBUG=5


To registers your device with fwup.wdlxtv.com. 100% optional! Default is OFF.

config_tool -c WDLXTV_CENSUS=ON

NLS packages (National Language Support)

Default is utf8.

config_tool -c IOCHARSET=utf8
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=ascii
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=euc-jp
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-13
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-14
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-15
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-2
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-3
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-4
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-5
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-6
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-7
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=iso8859-9
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=koi8-r
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=koi8-ru
config_tool -c IOCHARSET=koi8-u

codepage packages (for non-english character filesystems)

Default is cp437

config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp1250
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp1251
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp1255
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp437
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp737
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp775
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp850
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp852
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp855
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp857
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp860
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp861
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp862
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp863
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp864
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp865
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp866
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp869
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp874
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp932
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp936
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp949
config_tool -c CODEPAGE=cp950

Set up a different Video Resolution (default is 720p 50Hz)

config_tool -c VIDEO_OUT=HDMI
config_tool -c VIDEO_OUT_RESOLUTION=1080p50