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There have been several complaints from users that they experience issues with their remote control freezing and not taking any more input. The WDTV has to be restarted by webend or by unplugging power in order to work again. The symptoms are usually these messages in the debug log:

Jan 1 00:53:51 WDTVLIVE user.warn kernel: ir: buffer full
Jan 1 00:53:52 WDTVLIVE user.warn kernel: ir: buffer full

Here are some common problems which lead to this:

IR Interference

If in your room you have a source of IR radiation (heater, other remotes, some plasma TVs), they could interfere with your WDTV remote. The details have been discussed here:

Virgin Superhub incompatibility

The Virgin Superhub's UPnP advertisment may lockup your WDTV. You can increase this interval to its maximum (1440) to avoid problems. Details are discussed here:

It seems the Superhub is not the only device causing this. If you encounter not working remote problems that are gone if you disconnect the WDTV from the network, this is a strong hint for DNLA interference problems. Locate other network devices in your network (especially routers) and try to disable or modify the DLNA settings until you find the interference source.