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OSD mods are modifications to the look of the On Screen Display of the WDTV. They do not add functionnality, but just alter the look and feel of the menus (including icons, default thumbnails, information bars, etc).

To install a OSD-MOD, download (and extract) the mod and place the osd.bin file in the root of a USB drive attached to the WDTV on boot. A reboot will be required (unplug the power cord, or issue a 'reboot -f' from telnet/ssh).

The drive has to stay connected all the time!

To create.

OSD-MODs for WDLXTV (Gen1)

Here is a list of currently available OSD-MODs for the WDTV Gen1 running WDLXTV firmware.


A clean looking OSD for Gen 1 WDTV's

Gen 1 mod with msheet

Another good looking OSD mod for Gen 1 WDTV's

Showcase Mod by Cylent

Reeltake2 Mod by Cylent

Lilibabe's Mods


Here is a list of currently available OSD-MODs for the WDTV Live (running Brad's WDLXTV-Live firmware).
Please note that not all OSD MODs will work with every firmware version! Most of these OSD MODs only work with basefirmware 1.02.21 and lower.


A very simple 1 icon (For each category) mod that is nice and easy!

em82 OSD-MOD

A mod that includes custom icons and a screensaver.


A mod that includes a lot of custom icons, thumbnail (folder image) icons for the user and wallpapers.

BlackLily OSD-MOD

A mod that is a mixture of the default theme and Lilibabe's OSD-MOD for WDLXTV. Includes dark menus, the file browse layout and video overlay/options from Lilibabe's mod, and the crossbar from the default theme.


A mod that is based on Lilibabe's Picto OSD-MOD for WDLXTV. A grey, alu-brushed style background and futuristic fonts are inserted to create a pure and straightforward-looking mod, suiting Lilibabe's picto icons.

Invisible OSD-MOD

A mod that turns all OSD to blind black, completely eliminating any menu. Just press play repeatedly to start the first movie in the folder. Invisible OSD was made to avoid a public audience to see internals: neat and clean, pitch black.