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What does it do?

The /conf/S99user-script is a Bash script that is automatically run at the end of the firmware boot. You can include in it commands that will be executed on system startup.

How to create

The /conf/S99user-script is a user-created file, inside the persistent /conf partition on your WDTV. It does not come with the firmware and needs to be created if it is necessary.

Run the commands below through telnet/ssh on your wdtv to create it (the commands and names are case sensitive!):

touch /conf/S99user-script
chmod a+x /conf/S99user-script
config_tool -s; config_tool -s

Using a text editor of your choice you can edit the file and add the commands you need inside. The first line of the script MUST be the following:


Recommended command line text editors are nano or vi

Example script

The following S99user-script will update your youtube-subscription cache on startup

# update youtube subscriptions - delay with 30s!
(sleep 30; /usr/bin/php5-cgi /tmp/umsp-plugins/youtube-subscriptions/youtube-subscriptions-helper.php --insecure > /tmp/youtube-subscriptions.txt 2>&1)&