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First off this is for anyone running a Home Server with Windows Home Server on it. Specifically the HP Media Smart Home Servers.

1. Go to Microsofts website and download the advanced admin console. This program will allow you to install new software onto your server.

2. After downloading the advanced admin console you need to put the program into your WHS add in folder. Once it is there startup your your WHS console program and go to the settings section. Once there click on the ADD-INs tab and you will see the program and install it onto your server.

3. Now you need to download Hanewin NFS.... After you have this place the download onto the C: drive of your server and install the program to your server.

4. Once you have Hanewin installed click on the advanced admin console on your WHS and click on the control panel tab. Once there go all the way to the bottom of the programs and you will see Windows Firewall click on that. That will bring up a tab and you will need to click on exceptions. Then click ADD PORT and you will need to add: Hanewin NFS TCP 1058 Hanewin NFS TCP 111 Hanewin NFS TCP 2049 Hanewin NFS UDP 1058 Hanewin NFS TCP 111 Hanewin NFS TCP 2049 Once these are all added in these ports will not be blocked by your firewall on the server.

5. Now scroll back up and click on your Hanewin server that is listed on the control panel as well. Once you click on this it will bring up another window with the tabs NFS/Server/Exports/Mounts/Portmapper/Language Click on the NFS tab first. Make sure everything is checked except NFS server Protocol version 2. Make sure the numbers shown from top to bottom are 1058/2049/4/32768.

6. Now click on the Server tab. Make sure that you check ALLOW MOUNT OF REMOTE DEVICES.

7. Now click on the exports tab. Click edit export file and type in the location of your movies on your WHS. example D:\shares\Videos\Movies -name:Movies -range Now click on restart server. It will take a second or two but now if you look under your mounts tab you will see the server linking to your movie location.

After that you should be able to link this to your WD Live and go from there.