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WDLXTV supports the loading of additional applications on boot. These applications are provided as .app.bin file. An .app.bin file contains a complete filesystem in either CRAMFS or EXT3 format which will be mounted by WDLXTV on boot.

Important Information

  • You need a USB drive connected to WDTV!
  • The USB drive has to stay connected to WDTV!
  • You can't use USB_POWER_OFF option!

Manual Setup

  • Download the application and unpack the .app.bin file from the archive.
  • Copy the .app.bin file to the root of your USB drive.
  • Connect the USB drive to your WDTV.
  • Reboot.

Using WAM (Webend Addons Manager)

This feature is only available in WDLXTV version 0.5.0 and higher!

  • Connect to the WFE (WebFrontEnd) of your WDTV.
  • Click on Addons Manager (WAM).
  • Select the Applications tab.
  • Select a download location for the apps you want to install and click Apply Changes at the bottom of the page.

Using shell commands

Creating your own app.bin

List of available applications

This list is not complete and some links may be outdated!
Please visit the Application Forum or the WDLXTV Application Repository.

* Transmission Torrent client by playdude
* Dokuwiki, kind of Wiki deamon to be run on WDTVby egony
* pwreset to reset the password stored in the WDTV by brad
* Wake-on-lan a PC after booting
* usb2serial driver to control Serial devices via USB-Serial converter by vladojko
* tcpdump to sniff IP packets by zoster
* Slimrat Linux Rapidshare downloader by sailort 
* rarfs & owfs by brad
* NFS server by Taganaka
* DownloadDaemon with WebUI for OneClick Hoster (e.g. Rapidshare) by derlinuxer
* Polipo proxy server by Martor
* WDTVEXT by Pibos
* Apache2 WebServer by awx
* Midnight Commander by awx
* TwonkeyMedia Server by awx
* Asterisk by recliq
* Truecrypt by recliq
* encFS by recliq
* PureFTPd 1.0.29 (incl. Virtual User support) by recliq
* LIRC 0.8.7 (incl. X10 RF USB remote kernel module) by recliq
* ssmtp (incl. mailx) by recliq
* Virtual USB Drive by recliq
* vpnc 0.5.3 - Client for cisco vpn concentrator by recliq
* inotify-tools 3.14 by recliq
* psyBNC 2.3.2-7  by recliq
* eggdrop 1.6.20  by recliq
* Bmon (bandwidth monitoring tool) by Jacket
* iftop (bandwidth monitoring tool) by Jacket
* bwm-ng (bandwidth monitoring tool) by Jacket
* rrdtool (time-series data storage and display) by Jacket
* ddclient (access your WDTV from the internet) by Chameleon Skin
* VIM 7.2 (VIM text editor) by Chameleon Skin
* Ruby 1.8.7 + Rails 2.3.5 (programming language) by Chameleon Skin
* Streamripper 1.64.6 (save internet radio streams as mp3 files) by Chameleon Skin
* Squid Web Proxy 2.7 (access blocked websites)  by Chameleon Skin
* WDLXTV Monitoring tool - WDLxTV Monitoring tool lets you view and store graphs showing various hardware aspects of your WDTV Live
* WDTVhack - Password recovery tool by Jaromil
* No-IP is a dynamic dns provider (ddns)
* Ipkg Optware software package collection ported by Jaromil  
* MiniDLNA - DLNA server that shares your WDTV medias on your network, ported by RMerlin.

--Recliq 13:05, 10 July 2011 (UTC)