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Use of Screen

Well this above works well but if you close the terminal is over,so we can use this awesome command called screen

How we use it?, we get via ssh and type:

$ screen

Run the script and for detached do the following:


It makes you get out of the supposed virtual terminal but the operation still running, now you can disconnect from ssh and from there continue on another pc, but now comes a question ... how we return to that terminal?

We can do this:

$screen -ls

which tells us the pid of the number of terminals which have running such as:

pinto@debian:~$ screen -ls
There are screens on:
16589.pts-2.debian (02/05/09 23:23:04) (Detached)
16471.pts-0.debian (02/05/09 23:07:50) (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-pinto.

to return to the first,this command is used $screen -r Number_Pid,for example:

screen -r 16589

if we have only one screen running this command work screen -r

Now they can put names to the session (it is easier to learn a name as a number) that is done for example like this:

screen -S session

And to enter that session would be:

$screen -r session

For example here we have one called "hello":

There are screens on:
22990.hello (03/05/09 21:37:59) (Detached)
16589.pts-2.debian (02/05/09 23:23:04) (Detached)
16471.pts-0.debian (02/05/09 23:07:50) (Detached)
3 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-pinto.

For close screen we write exit or press CTRL+D

New Method with Screen

Installing Optware

What are we going to do? we are going to use Optwareand that will allow us to use [ Plowshare].

 Optware provide the ipkg package manager system for us to use on the wdtv. This gives instant access to 1138 packages 
 and turns the wdtv into a fully loaded machine.

Well first we need this:

  • You need the opt.bin and put this in the pendrive or HD
  • we enter via ssh and type ipkg update
  • Now we can install plowshare, type ipkg install plowshare

Using Plowshare

we have several options, to download we have plowdown and for upload plowup:


Global options:
 -h, --help: Show help info
 -v, --version: Return plowdown version
 -q, --quiet: Don't print debug messages
 -c, --check-link: Check if a link exists and return
 -m, --mark-downloaded: Mark downloaded links in (regular) FILE arguments
 --get-module: Get module(s) for URL(s)
 -o DIRECTORY, --output-directory=DIRECTORY: Directory where files will be saved
 -r SPEED, --limit-rate=SPEED: Limit speed to bytes/sec (suffixes: k=Kb, m=Mb, g=Gb)
 -i IFACE, --interface=IFACE: Force IFACE interface
 -t SECS, --timeout=SECS: Timeout after SECS seconds of waits
 --max-retries=N: Set maximum retries for loops
 --run-download=COMMAND: run down command (interpolations: %filename, %cookies, %url)'

Options for module <megaupload>:

 -a USER:PASSWORD, --auth=USER:PASSWORD: Free-membership or Premium account
 -p PASSWORD, --link-password=PASSWORD: Used in password-protected files


Options for module <megaupload>:

 -m, --multifetch: Use URL multifetch upload
 --clear-log: Clear upload log after upload process
 -a USER:PASSWORD, --auth=USER:PASSWORD: Use a free-membership or Premium account
 -p PASSWORD, --link-password=PASSWORD: Protect a link with a password
 -d DESCRIPTION, --description=DESCRIPTION: Set file description
 --email-from=EMAIL: <From> field for notification email
 --email-to=EMAIL: <To> field for notification email
 --traffic-url=URL: Set the traffic URL
 --multiemail=EMAIL1[;EMAIL2;...]: List of emails to notify upload

If i want to download something with my premium account i have to do: plowdown -a my_login:my_pass Or if a want to download alot of archives:

My_Lynks:is a text file with all megaupload links to be downloaded,something like this:

with the option -m we mark the downloaded links in the file My_links:


Practical Example

We enter via ssh

ssh root@ip_wdtv

we call the screen command, the most easy is just type:


now we go to the Hard Drive(pendrive):

cd /tmp/mnt/{some numbers and letters}


cd /tmp/media/usb/USB1/{some numbers and letters}

we search and go to a folder:

cd some_folder

put the links in a text file

nano my_links

copy the links and then we save with:


the download begin:

plowdown -a my_login:password -m my_links

you are going to see something like this:

Starting login process: my_login/********
File URL: http://www{numbers}{numbers}/4x11 The Justice League Recombination 720p.mkv
Filename: 4x11 The Justice League Recombination 720p.mkv
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
  3  559M    3 17.8M    0     0  1288k      0  0:07:24  0:00:14  0:07:10 1863

To exit of "screen" without kill it:


To return and check the downloads

screen -r


  • You can set and alias if you use the ext-boot but that be maybe insecure because may someone can steal your password.
  • Upload is simple do plowup -a login:pass -d some_description path/archive megaupload

Old Method with Screen

well with the new interface of megaupload download video like this is failing, but the rest of the archives(rar,documents..etc) should work fine

Get user content in Firefox

Go to edit>preferences>privacy>show cookie then search for megaupload and look for the one called user,copy the numbers in the field "content"

Using Wget

well one way to download from megaupload with a premium account is using Wget this command do the trick:

wget -c --no-cookies --header "Cookie: user=NUMBER_COOKIE" -i LIST

NUMBER_COOKIE:is the number obtained in firefox.

LIST:is a text with the megaupload links.

So we can create a script like this:

wget -c --no-cookies --limit-rate=100k --header "Cookie: user=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -i $1

--limit-rate:is optional,used if you want limit the download


./mega modern_family

where mega is the script and modern_family is the text with the links

Practical Example

We enter to the download directory

#cd /tmp/media/usb/USB1/f00c24cf-7020-48c6-93a9-4ebe93e65154/f/blood

we call the screen command, the most easy is just type:


in the directory called "f" i have my megaupload script called "mega" and in the directory called "blood" i have a text call true_blood,which have the megaupload links:

../mega true_blood

To exit Ctrl+A+D

To return and check the downloads

screen -r