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For lazy people or with short time here is the package ready [1] but remember to do ln -s /opt/bin/bash /bin/bash first

This is how you can update Plowshare.

Download and install the ipkg-build package, this version can do the job(mirror):

wget ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/handhelds/packages/ipkg-build/ipkg-build_1.6_all.ipk
ipkg-opt install ipkg-build_1.6_all.ipk 

Get latest plowshare source and build it (the last at least for a few days):

wget http://plowshare.googlecode.com/files/plowshare-snapshot-git20110926.tar.gz
tar -xzf plowshare-snapshot-git20110926.tar.gz
cd plowshare-snapshot-git20110926
mkdir /tmp/pkg make PREFIX=/opt DESTDIR=/tmp/pkg install 

Create control file for ipkg

mkdir -p /tmp/pkg/CONTROL
cat > /tmp/pkg/CONTROL/control <<EOF 

With this content:

Package: plowshare
Version: git20110926
Architecture: mipsel
Section: base 
Priority: optional
Description: A command-line downloader and uploader for some of the most popular file sharing websites
Source: http://code.google.com/p/plowshare/

Use ipkg-utils to create the package:

ipkg-build /tmp/pkg /tmp/

Create a symbolic link /bin/bash to /opt/bin/bash, to avoid having to rename all scripts:

ln -s /opt/bin/bash /bin/bash

Install the new package:

ipkg install /tmp/plowshare_git20110926_mipsel.ipk

Source Source2