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A quick how-to with NFS share and xmount

1) Installed haneWIN NFS Server onto Windows 7 (

2) Open haneWIN NFS Server and go to the Exports tab. Click Edit exports file and enter the following share:

F:\Scottie\Videos\BluRay -readonly -public -name:NFSMovies (This folder is where my media is stored).

Then hit save in notepad.

3) Restart Server in haneWIN NFS - under 'Exports' tab /NFSMovies is now shown - in theory this folder is now accessible via NFS to any device that suppports NFS ***Make sure to forward/open ports 111, 1058, and 2049 in your router for both UDP and TCP. These are required for access to the NFS share***

4) Telnet or ssh into WDlxtv device. Then enter xmount command; in my case is

xmount Movies nfs

where IP is the address of your Win7 machine, "NFSMovies" is the name of your hanewin NFS share, and "Movies" is the name you wish WDTV to display.

That's it. Power cycle your WDTV and you should be ready to go.

Most of this info is cobbled together from different posts around the form. Credit to those where due.

(you might have to turn down you firewall to get it working, I had to anyway)

Test on WDTV:

display available exports on remote NFS server (the one you just set up)

$ showmount  -e  <NFS-Server-IP>
<shareLocation>        <clientIP>(<permissions>)

clientIP can be a list and should include the IP of your wdtv, or the IP block its in.

mount export

$ xmount  "<NFS-Server-IP>:<shareLocation>"  "<shareLabel>"  nfs 

If you have a Gen 1 WDTV (original WDLXTV) you *must* use NFS capability is built in to WDLXTV-G2 and WDLXTV-Live



  • haneWIN is a popular paid for option.
  • WinNFSd does not work well. The WDTV Live throws up errors complaining about Port Maps not being available.
  • FreeNFS is available on It has been tested with firmware, and works fine.
  • Mount using cmd in Win7 with Services for Network File System (NFS) mount -o \\WDTVLIVE\tmp\media\usb\USB1\c6fe08b2-6276-4ac1-91a7-1c931588a756 u: