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The restricted plugins are a set of UMSP plugins that are considered unsuitable for everyone (because of their adult content) and are not available as part of the regular plugin pack. You can follow these instructions to enable these plugins for your WDTV.

Currently, the restricted plugins offer access to these sites:

  • Tube8
  • Pornhub
  • Keezmovies
  • Youjizz
  • Redtube


  • UMSP media server must be on
config_tool -c UMSP='ON'
  • Apache must be on
config_tool -c APACHE='ON'
  • Some plugins (Youjizz) might require an external proxy to do transcoding

Configuration - for firmwares based on 0.5 and newer

Open up Addon Manager, go to the UMSP tab and download the plugins you want. Then, go to WEC and enable and configure the plugins to suite your needs.

Configuration - for firmwares based on 0.4.7.x

Open up WEC, navigate to Configuration -> UMSP and

  • Select the Adult/restricted repository so that it is automatically downloaded on startup. Click Save
  • You should see the plugins in the list, you can enable and configure them, or you can leave them disabled and enable the PIN-Code plugin for extra protection.
  • Enjoy

Configuration - for firmwares based on 0.4.5.x and older

The configuration steps consist of downloading the restricted plugins and enabling them in the UMSP media server.

  • Using a text editor (or file transfer tool/webend) create (or append to) /conf/S99user-script with this content:
#update umsp restricted plugins from SVN
logger -t $0 'Obtaining restricted svn UMSP plugins...'
eval `grep SVNLOGIN= /conf/config`
if [ "$SVNLOGIN" != "" ]; then
  USER=`echo $SVNLOGIN | cut -d: -f1`
  PASS=`echo $SVNLOGIN | cut -d: -f2`
online.delayer 30
logger -t $0 "exporting all restricted umsp plugins from svn"
svn export --trust-server-cert --non-interactive --no-auth-cache --force --username $USER --password $PASS /tmp/umsp-plugins
  • Make the file executable
# chmod a+x /conf/S99user-script
  • You should now run the script and see if it works. Output should be similar to this (unless you are running other commands inside it):
# /bin/sh /conf/S99user-script 
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8/info.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8/tube8-helper.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8/config.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8/tube8_wec.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/tube8/tube8.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub/pornhub-helper.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub/info.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub/pornhub_wec.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub/pornhub.php
A    /tmp/umsp-plugins/pornhub/config.php
Exported revision 146.
  • Use the webend (WEC) to enable the plug-ins and set plug-in specific configuration attributes
  • OPTIONAL: There is an alternate way that avoids downloading the plugins on startup, so you can skip the first 3 steps. You will need to download the plugins once and add the files to a tgz archive in /conf/umsp-plugins.tgz. You can achive this by running these commands (assuming you have downloaded the relevant php files from the SVN in /tmp/umsp-plugins) from your wdtv:
# cd /tmp/umsp-plugins
# tar zcvf /conf/umsp-plugins.tgz tube8 pornhub
  • OPTIONAL: The plugins can also be enabled by editing /conf/umsp.php:
global $myMediaItems;
$myMediaItems[] = array(   
  'id'         => 'umsp://plugins/pornhub/pornhub',   #Attribute of item
  'dc:title'      => 'Pornhub',
  'upnp:class'   => 'object.container',
  'upnp:album_art'=> '',

$myMediaItems[] = array(   
  'id'         => 'umsp://plugins/tube8/tube8',   #Attribute of item
  'dc:title'      => 'Tube8',
  'upnp:class'   => 'object.container',
  'upnp:album_art'=> '',


  • If you are not getting the correct output after running /conf/S99user-script make sure the script is correct and the lines don't overflow. Also, check for extra spaces at the end of rows and missing spaces before/after [] (bash is strict regarding whitespace close to square brackets)
  • If you can download the plugins, but they don't show up in UMSP, make sure you have correctly edited /conf/umsp.php (or if the plugins are enabled in the WEC). You can check for syntax errors with
# php5-cgi -l /conf/umsp.php
No syntax errors detected in /conf/umsp.php
  • In case of problems with the plugins, check out /tmp/umsp-log.txt. You can even increase the logging level to do a more thorough analysis.


If you enable the plugins via WEC they will be available to anyone using UMSP. For privacy reasons you might want to leave the plugins disabled in WEC and enable the PIN-Code UMSP plugin.

Inside PIN-Code set the PIN_PLUGINS variable to the number of plugins you want to protect and save. Refresh the page and you should see an entry for each plugin. Assign a code to each plugin and map it to a plugin id, like:

9901 pornhub
9902 tube8
9903 keezmovies

Click save again, and you should be able to navigate by entering the code inside the OSD to get to your plugin. You can quickly escape without revealing the code by pressing the Home button on your remote. More info about PIN-Code here:


The plugins were originally developed by rezmus and updated/rewritten by shunte/foxer