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As an alternative to using the remote control, you can plug a USB keyboard into either of the two USB ports on the media player.

- 1.03+ firmwares.
- Wired or wireless keyboards with USB connector.

It does not work on 1.02 based firmwares.

Key Function
HOME Displays the main menu and the various options for playback of files and device options
CTRL+P (Power) Suspends the device into sleep mode and turns off video output
Navigate through Home options, menu screens, media libraries, on-screen

keyboards, and toolbars.

ENTER - Displays the media directories and Settings screens.
- Turns information bar ON or OFF.
- Begins playback of the selected media file.
- Enables the currently selected setting in a Settings option screen.
S (Stop) Discontinues playback.
ESC (Back) Goes back to the previous screen.
- (Reverse) Scans backward during audio/video playback. Supports the following speeds: 2×, 4×, 8×, 16×.
P (Previous) - Press once to jump to the start of the audio/video file.
- Press twice to jump to the previous audio/video/image file.
- Press to page up.
- During Video REV mode, press to skip back 10 minutes.
CTRL + F (Search) Locates a media file in the current folder. This function is only available when the Media Library setting is enabled. Does not search subfolder.
CTRL + O (Options) During playback, displays additional playback options. From an online

media content screen, press to display more service options.

SPACE BAR (Play/Pause) Toggles between pause and playback.
+ (FF) Scans forward through the audio/video playback. Supports the following speeds: 2×, 4×, 8×, 16×.
N (Next) - Skips to the next audio, video, or image file.
- Press to page down.
- During Video FF mode, press to skip forward 10 minutes.
CTRL + E (Eject) Switches to safe mode so you can safely remove a USB device.
M (Mute) Turns off the volume output.
V (Subtitle) Switches a video’s subtitles (if applicable).
B (Audio) Switches a video’s audio stream (if applicable).
DELETE Clears the data entry field.
Z (Zoom) Zooms in on the currently playing video file or photo.
R (Shuffle) Enables the shuffle function for Videos and Music files.
L (Repeat) Repeats the current video or music file.
BACKSPACE Deletes the currently selected file.
CTRL + S (Setup) Brings up the Setup menu.
Alpha-numeric keys - Pressing the any of these keys once inputs the corresponding letter or number.
- While listening to a song or music playlist, press and hold any of the 0-9 buttons to create a preset.
CTRL + ALT + CANC Reboot the WDTV.