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NZBgetweb is a frontend for NZBGet which itself is an NZB binary newsgrabber. If you don't know what Usenet is, you likely won't need to install NZBgetweb. NZBGet can be run at the command line in WDLXTV if need be. You CANNOT download with NZBgetweb without access to a Usenet server.

NOTE: These instructions are for WDLXTV 1.02.21- (or later)


First enable NZBgetweb in WDLXTV in the WDLXTV web front end home screen, in the left column. Once it is running you can edit the NZBgetweb configuration using the web frontend or preferably edit the configuration file directory which is in /conf/nzbget.custom.conf

IMPORTANT: WDLXTV has a bug as the setting for the NZBGet config files is incorrect. You must set the ServerConfigFile setting correctly as mentioned below.


Make sure you have the hash number for your usb device. You can find this by opening telnet (through the web interface of your device) and typing "cd /tmp/media/usb" and then "ls" to see what usb port you are using (USB1 or USB2). Next type "cd USB1" or "cd USB2" depending on what port your using. Now type "ls" again and you should see a long serial type number, this is your storage device hash number.

Now I'm going to explain how I personally set things up in NZBgetweb settings (changed through the web interface of your device), but with regards to specific folder names and such, obviously it's up to you what names and directories you want to use. Anything I don't mention was left default. Remember to save changes on every page before moving on. You can also edit the configuration directly from the WDLXTV command line, the file is /conf/nzbget.custom.conf.

First set the NZBgetweb options before completing the rest of the configuration changes as NZBgetweb needs the WDLXTV bug correcting before proceeding.


ServerConfigFile - /conf/nzbget.custom.conf

serverIP, serverport etc - Leave these set to the defaults

NzbDir - /tmp/media/usb/USB[port number]/[hash number]/NZB/nzb

PostProcessConfigFile - /tmp/media/usb/USB[port number]/[hash number]/NZB/postprocess.conf (only if you use post-processing, allows NZBgetweb to edit the post processing parameters - very useful)

PostProcessConfigTemplate - /usr/share/nzbget/nzbget-postprocess.conf

CheckSpaceDir - /tmp/media/usb/USB[port number]/[hash number]/NZB/dst

Now restart the WDTV before continuing.


$MAINDIR - /tmp/media/usb/USB[port number]/[hash number]NZB


Server1.Level - 0

Server1.Host - your usenet provider server URL (e.g.

Server1.Port - typically 563 for SSL, 119 for unencrypted - but your usenet provider should indicate a port to use (Always try to use SSL)

Server1.Username/Password - username and password for your usenet account - if required

Server1.JoinGroup - normally leave this set to 'yes' unless you know any better.

Server1.Encryption - enable for SSL

Server1.Connections - the amount of connections opened to the server. Don't go too high on this as the WDTV isn't a powerful device. I'd recommend 6 connections for 1MB/sec or less connections.

You can then usefully add backup servers which means NZBGet will try another server if the main one, i.e. Level 0, doesn't have an article, or is down. So for another server Add a server and make it Level 1.



AppendCategoryDir - no

AppendNzbDir - yes

NzbDirInterval - 15

MergeNzb - no

NzbProcess - ${MAINDIR}/ (add the nzb process script which processes any nzb files you add to its watch queue. Here is my version )

DupeCheck - no


SaveQueue, ReloadQueue, ReloadPostQueue, ContinuePartial, RenameBroken - yes

Decode - yes

DirectWrite - yes (only if you use an ext3 filesystem, otherwise set to 'no')

Crccheck - yes

WriteBufferSize - 0 (you can set to -1 to improve performance but the WDTV is severely low on RAM so anything about 4 connections can consume too much RAM)

DiskSpace - 10000 (stops the disks filling up!)


LoadPars - one

ParCheck - yes

ParRepair - yes

StrictParName - no

ParPauseQueue - no

ParCleanupQueue - yes

NzbCleanupDisk - no


PostProcess - ${MAINDIR}/ (Here is my version along with it's required postprocess.conf - edit as required. You can manually post process if you like.)

AllowReProcess - no

PostPauseQueue - no


DELETE any pre-existing schedule or modify it to fit your needs.

The scheduler allows NZBGet to pause downloads and enable them at certain times and maybe useful depending on your Internet usage and download policies your provider has. My example below stops downloads during the day and enables them between midnight and 8am:










For the settings to take effect, you will need to reboot your device through the web front end or at the command line with "reboot". Don't just power off as you can loose settings.

Once reboot, check NZBgetweb is running through the WDLXTV web front end. You can put nzb files in the /tmp/media/usb/USB[port number]/[hash number]/NZB/nzb/ directory and NZBgetweb will pick them up and download them.

You can also monitor etc nzbget through the command line using the "nzbget" command. You will need to run the command with the "-c" option to tell it where the config files is as it is not the default place:

nzbget -c /tmp/nzbget.conf

Following commands are useful:

-h - help

-L G - list the NZB files in the download queue

-L C - run the command line interactive front end

-E G O PostProcess=no "2761-2889" - Disable post processing on an nzb