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copy all wdtvlive.* files (ver, bin, & fff if available) to usb key formated to FAT/FAT32 (under linux mkfs.vfat)

dont use NFTS its better to use better supported well known FS like FAT

Vista is using exFAT also PE2USB is able format USBkey to FAT16/FAT32

if is not recognized new firmware change VERSION to higher release


You must change the version number in quotes to exactly what is shown below. The whole part between quotes. Changing it to just 1.20.04 (or similar) will not work because WDLXTV must think it is upgrading to a new version of WDLXTV firmware, or it will not see the firmware as new and not prompt you to upgrade. After you accept the upgrade, it reboots and it processes, then your WDTV will report the stock firmware version (such as 1.06.42 for the WDTV Live Plus HD).


You may also have to clear your /conf

rm /conf/* ; config_tool -s; config_tool -s; reboot

Prepare pendrive - in case firmware is not recognized

Basic Linux knowledge is required to complete this.

For some reason my pendrive was not recognized. All forum and wiki solutions failed. To solve this I had to format pendrive directly from my WD device (without any partition). You can do the same with any Linux distribution or dedicated software.

  • 1. Connect pendrive to WD (or any Linux/liveCD e.x: ubuntu)
  • 2. ssh to WD device (or start terminal/console as root)
  • 3. find your pendrive drive name, use mount or dmesg command. Find your device on list of mounted devices. You can double check by listing content of it using ls /path/to/mountpoint for example: ls /tmp/usb/USB1/39876-D432 <- you should see pendrive files here.
  • 4. to format any device it must be unmounted, use mount command to list all mounted devices and run unmount with one parameter which is mount point from mount command. Example: unmount /tmp/usb/USB1/39876-D432
  • 5. format it with mkfs.vfat /dev/sdN (where /dev/sdN is device number - make sure it is pendrive and NOT your local disk as all data will be formated! in my case WD see pendrive as /dev/sda
  • 6. unplug it and plug it to your pc, copy 3 files and change ver

Now WD should recognize it. If not try other USB socket. My WD does not recognize firmware with side socket.