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Extract zip

Select the WinNFSd-2.0 folder > Right Click + Shift > Open command window here

Create a folder called C:\share

Back to command windows:

winnfsd.exe c:\share

That's it.

Test from GNU/Linux

$ mkdir ~/share
$ sudo mount sudo mount /home/user/share

(Note: no trailing slashes).

Test on WDTV:

display available exports on remote NFS server (the one you just set up)

$ showmount  -e  <NFS-Server-IP>
<shareLocation>        <clientIP>(<permissions>)

clientIP can be a list and should include the IP of your wdtv, or the IP block its in.

mount export

$ xmount  "<NFS-Server-IP>:<shareLocation>"  "<shareLabel>"  nfs 

If you have a Gen 1 WDTV (original WDLXTV) you *must* use NFS capability is built in to WDLXTV-G2 and WDLXTV-Live



  • haneWIN is a popular paid for option.
  • WinNFSd has not been developed since 2005 but works ok and gives a nice command window with logged output.
  • WinNFSd is not installed as a service but this may be possible without too much trouble.