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The S00custom-options is a file that contains settings that you can configure that aren't accessible by the regular Settings option on the WDTV. WARNING: Any syntax errors in this file will cause the OSD to not boot at all.

File placement

This file is executed only when the WDTV starts/boots up, every boot, so operations placed here should not be adversely affected by multiple execution. If you want to apply changes, you have to issue a reboot -f from ssh/telnet or unplug and replug the power cord.

The file is called S00custom-options (no extension). Place it on the root directory of a USB drive attached at boot.

You can also name it S00user-script and place it to the /conf directory on the WDTV. If you choose to create a /conf/S00user-script you must make sure it contains no syntax errors as it will prevent your wdxtv from booting.


How to use S00custom-options

To enable any setting you see in the file, remove the hash mark (#) from the start of the line. this:

#config_tool -c SOMESETTING=somesetting


config_tool -c SOMESETTING=somesetting

config_tool settings 'stick' after being executed once, so you are only required to set them once.

Common settings

Here is a list of currently available config_tool commands for the WDTV Live (running WDLXTV-Live firmware).

Changing the background

Supplying a single image name only works if that image resides in /osd. You may instead use an absolute location to specify any background image you desire, just make sure it exists.

  • For the original background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=original_bg.jpg
  • For eM82's backdrop background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=eM82_bg.jpg
  • For the wood panel (default) background:
config_tool -c BACKGROUND_IMAGE=villa_bg.jpg

Simplest way to change the background image is adding your image renamed to villa_bg.jpg (maxsize=524288) to root folder of USB drive, and power cycle.

Number of entries in list view

This will change the number of rows in list view.

config_tool -c LISTNUM=4
config_tool -c LISTNUM=6
config_tool -c LISTNUM=8
config_tool -c LISTNUM=10
config_tool -c LISTNUM=11
config_tool -c LISTNUM=12

Number of thumbnails in video thumb view

This will change the video thumb view to various amounts of thumbs. It changes the resolution of the displayed image.

config_tool -c THUMBRESO=150x200  #12 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=163x245  #8 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=180x240  #10 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=225x300  #4 thumbs
config_tool -c THUMBRESO=240x360  #4 thumbs

Number of thumbnails in music/photo thumb view

This will change the music and photo thumb views to various amounts of thumbs.

config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=10  #10  (default)
config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=15  #15

Video info overlay position

This requires reboot after change. Used to be able to see subtitles during pause, timing, etc.

  • Upper ~60% of the screen:
config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2
  • Top (warning: options bar covers up info overlay with setting 3):
config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=3

Subtitle sizes

This will change the subtitle size to one not menu-selectable.

config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=44
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=48
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=50
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=52
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=56
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=60
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=64
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=68
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=72
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=76
config_tool -c SUBTITLE_FONT_SIZE=80


Change your timezone. Use this as a guide.

config_tool -c TIMEZONE=PST8PDT  #Pacific North America


Change the hostname (what other devices over the network see your WDTV as).

config_tool -c DEVICE_NAME=SomeHostName

Custom USB slot icons

config_tool -c USBICONS='yes'

Disable telnet server

config_tool -c TELNETD=OFF

Disable pure-ftpd server

config_tool -c FTPD=OFF

Disable dropbear ssh server

config_tool -c SSHD=OFF

Disable keep alive of ethernet during WDTV Live standby


Enable NTP (network time)

If the info bar disappears, either disable this or increase delay in NTP_DELAY.

config_tool -c NTP=ON

NTP delay

The value is in seconds.

config_tool -c NTP_DELAY=0

Disable mt-daapd digital audio server

Saves approximately 10MB of RAM.

config_tool -c MT-DAAPD=OFF

Disable lighttpd webserver

This is enabled by default.

config_tool -c LIGHTTPD=OFF

Enable Deluge bittorrent client

Deluge is disabled by default.

config_tool -c DELUGE=ON

Disable Deluge bittorrent web UI

The web UI (user interface) are the controls of the torrent client that you can view in your browser.

config_tool -c DELUGEWEBUI=OFF

Enable nzbget usenet client

Disabled by default. lighttpd webserver must be enabled to use web UI.

config_tool -c NZBGET=ON

Disable online-delayer

Use in case of stalled network detection, or as a troubleshooting step because nzbget / Deluge won't start

config_tool -c ONLINEDELAYER=OFF

Ethernet actions

Commands to be executed when the ethernet interface is brought up/down by the OSD. Only executed when your WDTV Live comes on and when it goes into standby via remote.

You may have number actions which are executed in order.

config_tool -c ETH_UP_ACTION='logger -t "eth_up_action" "I am doing something"
config_tool -c ETH_UP_ACTION20='sleep 5; ether-wake -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx; sleep 10; . /conf/net.mounts'
config_tool -c ETH_DOWN_ACTION='logger -t "eth_down_action" "the OSD has been suspended"'

The following ethernet action will stop all running services and then turn off power to the usb bus. Unless you know what you're doing, it MUST be the last action.

config_tool -c ETH_DOWN_ACTION9999='suspend && sleep 2 && usb.power.off'

The following ethernet action will tun on power to the usb bus then start all services. Unless you know what you're doing, it MUST be the first action.

config_tool -c ETH_UP_ACTION00='usb.power.on && sleep 5 && resume'

Change SMB resolve order to 'proper' order

This may or may not work for you. This MUST contain either valid settings or be blank.

  • Stock/official firmware order:
config_tool -c SMB_RESOLVEORDER='bcast lmhosts wins host'
  • Proper/corrected order:
config_tool -c SMB_RESOLVEORDER='lmhosts host wins bcast'

Change Samba share export to not allow guest (anonymous) mounting

If you do this you'll have to supply your own smb.conf with all the proper settings configured in order to mount exported shares remotely.

config_tool -c SMB_NOGUEST=ON

Disable/enable Samba exported shares on standby

Default is ON.

config_tool -c SMB_STANDBY=OFF

All of the above settings can also be set by manual execution via telnet/ssh.