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B-RAD has recently announced the availability of Movie Sheets on the custom fw, here is a short demo of how it looks:

Setting it up

To set it up you must telnet to the device and enter these commands:

config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=sheet
config_tool -c VIDMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c GENMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c LISTMSHEET=ON


MSHEETMODE is the global moviesheet mode setting. Values can be "sheet" (Folder icons on the bottom), "wall" (icons on the left of screen) or std (Standard mode ?).


You *MUST* have the ‘show filesize setting in options OFF’ in order to see sheets for individual movies. It also works better of connected USB drives than from network shares.

Remember you can always call these commands automatically via the S00custom-options

Updating movie information

Now you need to generate the actual data for your movie collection. The easiest available way to do this is via the "ThumbGen" utility (you can [it here]).

To use ThumbGen for movie sheets (and not just thumbnails) you must have some kind of template, and you can find some of these [the wdtvforums here] (thanks to QuickSurfer for the great post).

(still missing step by step instructions on updating moviesheets... )