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The Normal (Flash) version requires Flashing the Firmware into the WDTV Live. It contains all changes from the Changelog

Applications included in the normal Firmware

(The following list is no longer up-to-date)

  • updated ntfs-3g-2010.1.16
  • libfuse2-2.8.1-1.1 included
  • strace-4.5.19-1 included
  • gettext-0.17-8 included for custom translations
  • lighttpd-1.4.25 webserver w/gd included (default enabled)
  • Deluge-1.2.0-rc4 Bittorrent client included (w/ webui) (default disabled)
  • nzbget-0.7-r357 & nzbgetweb-0.1.4-t5 include (default disabled)
  • hellanzb-0.13 included (default disabled)
  • pure-ftpd-1.0.24 w/TLS included (default enabled)
  • perl-5.10.1 included
  • python-2.5.4 included
  • php-cgi-5.2.11-2 included
  • screen-4.00.03jw4 included
  • unrar-free-0.0.1 included
  • par2-0.4 included
  • wakeonlan-0.41-10 included
  • bash-4.0-4 included
  • sshfs-2.2-1 included
  • unionfs-0.23.hg.20090611-1 included
  • curlftpfs-0.9.2-1 included

Features included in WDLXTV-Live

(The following list is no longer up-to-date)

  • external dvd drive capability with cd-manager-0.7
  • Web Server
  • Python, Perl, and PHP
  • Deluge Bittorrent client w/ web interface
  • nzbget NZB downloader w/ web interface
  • SSH server
  • Telnet server
  • FTP server
  • NFS share mounting in local folders and Network Shares
  • sshfs for mounting a remote server as a local directory
  • curlftpfs for mounting remote FTP server as a local directory
  • unionfs for consolidation of multiple directories/locations/servers/etc as one entity
  • patched samba configuration for better detection of Windows shares
  • user customizable background & screen saver images (3 backgrounds to choose from)
  • extra subtitle size options of 44, 48, 50, 56, 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, & 80
  • selectable 4/8/10/12/21 video thumb view (see Changelog)
  • selectable 4/6/8 file list view (see Changelog)
  • sleectable 10/15 photo/music thumb view (see Changelog)
  • ext2 & ext3 filesystem support ** (un)officially supported now **
  • device hotplugging
  • all media (including network shares & optical devices) can be viewed in ‘All Videos’
  • USB Hub support
  • mounting of app bin packs (if available) at boot, for plugNplay addtional functionality
  • mounting of OSD overlay (if available) at boot, for full theming
  • user customizable init.d scripts for full os customization
  • emergency flash recovery
  • many, many additional system binaries and related tools for power users.