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NETAPP is the ability to have your app.bin's, osd.bin's, wdtvext plugins, and anything else really located on one of your xmounts.

Anyone running can try, by putting the below in net.config on an attached USB device at first

  • NFS (with predefined hostname):
crazymount NETMOUNT mbl-01:/nfs

or IP:

cracymount NETMOUNT
  • CIFS
crazymount NETMOUNT //

crazymount accepts either a disk location for manual scanning, or a remote share address which it will hash and mount in /tmp/mnt automagically.

You can't use a read-only xmount with anything except cramfs app/osd bins, because other filesystems require write access (even if mounted ro)!

Once you have confirmed NETAPP works from the USB device, THEN move that net.config to /conf/net.config.

NOTE: It is possible to put your device into an unusable state by supplying an invalid /conf/config in versions under This is why its stated to get this working from USB first. You have been warned!

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