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First you run one of the scripts in homebrew scripts

1. detailed instructions below

2. confirm palace is in homebrew mode

Copy the files to the root of a usb device (thumbdrive should be FAT32, EXT3 will work only if permissions are set correctly, NTFS will NOT work)

Files Needed are

1. 2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5.bin


3. wdtvlivegen3.bin.mpm

4. wdtvlivegen3.bin.mpm.sha1.sum

SAFELY remove the usb device

Attach the usb with the bootstrap files & firmware files to the Gen3 Device

Power cycle the Gen3 Device

Go into setup -> about and verify the version says 2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5 or something similarly tagged

Detailed Instructions

On Linux:

requirements: curl

to execute: ./

Follow instructions of menu

You can hardcode the IP if you edit the script

On Windoze:

to execute:

Step 1) edit device-ip.txt and enter in the file ONLY your media players IP address

Step 2) win-homebrew-upload.bat

Step 3) win-homebrew-brewme.bat

Step 4) win-homebrew-status.bat

If everything works you'll see nice message, if you see a lot of HTML the theme upload failed for whatever reason - probably wrong IP address

SO, if you see a lot of HTML edit device-ip.txt and make sure the ONLY thing the file contains is your WDTV's IP address.

To return to stock (assumes steps 1&2 above already done):

Step 1) Run win-homebrew-stockify.bat

Upgrade Instructions

Step 1) use stockify command

Step 2) reboot to stock

Step 3) Safely Eject thumbdrive from WD

Step 4) Connect thumbdrive to PC

Step 5) Copy ALL new files to thumbdrive

Step 6) Follow install instructions to boot updated firmware