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Welcome to WDLXTV! Be aware that the software offered here is unofficial and could damage your device (but probably won't :). Proceed at your own risk; you have been warned!

Download the Firmware

Download the latest firmware for your device. Ensure you get firmware appropriate to your device model (Gen3).


Gen3 Firmware does not get Flashed to the device. Gen3 firmware will always run live off a USB drive.

This process will require that your WD Gen3 be reachable over your LAN network.

Windows Instructions

1. Download package as noted above

2. Unzip

3. Edit device-ip.txt (included in download)

4. run win-homebrew-upload.bat

5. run win-homebrew-brewme.bat

6. run win-homebrew-status.bat - If this does not say "Homebrew Mode: ON" , then it did not work

7. place 2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5.bin on thumbdrive

8. place homebrew files on same thumbdrive (2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5.bin,, wdtvlivegen3.bin.mpm, wdtvlivegen3.bin.mpm.sha1sum)

9. plug thumbdrive into Gen3

10. Reboot Gen3

11. Confirm settings - system - about shows the firmware version as "2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5" - or something similiarly tagged

12. Thumbdrive must stay plugged in, as firmware is running live on the thumbdrive


1. NTFS drives do NOT work - FAT32 is recommended

2. EXT3 format drive - make sure has executable permissions

3. Make sure the official firmware install matches the WDLXTV version

ie. to run 2.02.32-WDLXTV_Gen3-0.1.5 first install official firmware 2.02.32

4. If all else fails reset the device using WEC, or via command line