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WDLXTV Dictionary/Lexicon

    DMAOSD is the closed source core binary of the WDTV which also provides the OSD.
  • linksheets
    full file system search for moviesheets typically executed upon reboot or when a network share is accessed, but can also be initiated manually via SSH or Telnet; when moviesheets are found matching folders or media files they're symlinked into one location, by default in the /msheets directory on the WDLXTV. Used on all B-Rad firmware, except 1.02.21 based firmware, which uses the moviesheets plugin.
  • moviesheets
    images that the WDLXTV displays on the TV when a folder or video file is selected; typically contains images from the movie or TV show, along with descriptive text. The moviesheets are user-generated, either manually or with tools like ThumbGen
  • moviesheets wdtvext plugin
    when enabled (via the Webend or with a configuration command), performs a dynamic search for a moviesheet based on the currently highlighted menu item. Only available in 1.02.21 based firmware; all other firmwares use linksheets
  • Power-Cycle
    Pull the plug on the WD box (either from the wall, or from the back of the box), wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Alternatively, use the Reboot option from the Webend, or issue a reboot command via Telnet or SSH.
  • SCOD
    Spinning Circle of Death... On the WDTV, the "thinking" circle appears on screen for several minutes, no response to remote... If webend works, reboot from there, otherwise, Power-Cycle
  • Webend / WFE
    Webinterface of the WDTV (Live/Plus), allows you to easily configure your WDTV, get Debug information, telnet into the WDTV, etc...
  • WEC
    Webend Configuration, allows you to easily configure your WDTV
  • WAM
    Webend Addons Manager, allows you to download/install app.bin's and UMSP plugins.
  • WDTVExt?
    WDTVExt is a linux library that hooks into DMAOSD (the programm creating the GUI of the WDTV) which allows modifications of the OSD (such as new menus, changing images, etc...) via plugins (WDTVExt plugins) which are written in JavaScript.
    It's only available for WDTV Live based on firmware 1.02.21!