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Accessing/controlling a Windows PC from your WDTV

Props to 'sailort' for leading me in the right direction. Original post

A guide on setup and implementation to access and control a Windows based pc from your WDTV via ssh

1. Windows user setup -

   First thing needed is for you to create a user with administrative rights. The breakdown here is for Windows Vista and 7 
   (I'm sure it can be implemented in similar fashion on other versions of windows also). Start by going to the Control panel,
   in the control panel select administrative tools. Once in administrative tools on the left pane select 'Local Users and Groups'. 
   Within there select 'Users', moving now into the center pane, right click and select New User and enter a user name that will
   be used for your WDTV, enter a password also, a password is required to get this to work but will only be entered once to 
   allow the initial connection to be made. Uncheck 'User must change password at next login' and check 'Password never expires'
   then hit create. Once the user name appears in the center pane select it by right clicking and selecting properties. Once in
   properties select the 'Member Of' tab. Click the 'Add' button at the bottom of the window, in the 'Enter the object names to
   select' box enter "Administrators" without the quotes. Click 'Check Names' to verify that "Administrators" is a group within
   your PC and then hit ok. (Note: If Administrators isn't a group in your PC then you need to add it back in. It is a default
   group and should always be present.)