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UMSP is an internal UPnP Media Server based on PHP (for disclaimer and official thread see here). It is integrated in the latest versions of WDLXTV firmware.

Current Features of UMSP

  • Sort and shuffle local media with 'flat view'
  • plugin: ShoutCast
  • plugin: Apple-Trailers
  • plugin: System Info
  • basic thumbnail support
  • b-rad's optical drive mod


  1. run in ssh:
    config_tool -c UMSP=ON
  2. Power cycle so the new webplugin settings get applied.

If for some reason UMSP doesn't show up you may have to load it manually like so:

  • Browse to the webinterface (go to [[http:// | http://<yourWDTV>/umsp/index.php]]) and click "Send SSDP broadcast".

After that UMSP should appear under "Media Servers".

Credits to zoster and b-rad