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UMSP is an internal UPnP Media Server based on PHP (for disclaimer and official thread see here). It is included in the WDLXTV firmware.

Current Features of UMSP

  • Sort and shuffle local media with 'flat view'
  • plugin: ShoutCast
  • plugin: Apple-Trailers
  • plugin: System Info
  • basic thumbnail support
  • b-rad's optical drive mod


  1. run in ssh:
     add.webplugin umsp /var/umsp
  2. Power cycle so the new webplugin settings get applied.
  3. Now to make UMSP show up as a UPnP media server we have to broadcast a UDP/SSDP message. This can be done via the webinterface (go to http://<yourWDTV>/umsp/index.php) and click "Send SSDP broadcast".

The cache-timeout value is crucial! After x-seconds UMSP will disappear (currently 2 hours when send from the WebUI).

To permanently send this broadcast add the following to "/conf/S00user-script" or "S00custom-options":

/var/umsp/bin/ &

The script has to continue to run in the background or UMSP will disappear.

After that UMSP should appear under "Media Servers".

The current setup is very crude. A nicer one will follow later. - Credits to zoster