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This guide is intended to give information and steps for those migrating from 1.02.21 dynamic moviesheets to a new firmware based on linksheets. This method has been tested on both ext3 and fat32 drives, I suspect it should work on any other drive format that is supported.

First off MSHEETDIR is an option and is not required for linksheets to work, but many will find the benefit of MSHEETDIR very appealing. MSHEETDIR is a single folder which will contain all your moviesheets, with all sheets located in 1 location the lengthy time needed to scan and gather the sheets is not needed.

When properly set up MSHEETDIR makes all sheets available almost instantly after boot

1. create a folder somewhere on a local device - I titled my folder MSHEETDIR

2. use the WEC to confirm that MSHEETDIR is NOT enabled - enabling MSHEETDIR at this point will cause some problems

3. (for locally attached drives) use WEC to enable early mount for the drive that will contain your MSHEETDIR

  (for network drives) use NETAPP to early mount the network directory

4. Reboot and allow linksheets to fully run - the light on your device will stop blinking

5. Now that linksheets has finished log in to telnet/ssh and execute the following command

cp /msheets/* /path/to/MSHEETDIR

note that this is quite slow and took about 10 minutes here for approx 1000 sheets - you'll know it's done when you get a new prompt sign "#"

6. use WEC to set your MSHEETDIR - (linksheets must stay enabled)

7. Now that your MSHEETDIR has been populated, you must delete your sheets located anywhere else on the system. This is very important that you do not have duplicate sheets located anywhere else, if you do next time you reboot linksheets will corrupt your MSHEETDIR rendering it useless

8.Reboot and enjoy

Now that your initial MSHEETDIR is set up a couple of notes As your library grows and you add new sheets to your MSHEETDIR, you will need to rename your new sheets like this:

Batman_sheet.jpg becomes Batman
Batman.m2ts_sheet.jpg becomes Batman.m2ts
Batman.mkv_sheet.jpg becomes Batman.mkv