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mt-daapd is a multi-threaded DAAP server for Linux and other POSIX type systems. It allows a Linux box (like the WDTV gen1) to share audio files with iTunes users.

1. Before you start

Make sure that :

  • you have a WDTV gen1 that has WDLXTV installed
  • your WDTV gen1 is connected to your network (and has been assigned an IP address)
  • you (kinda) know what telnet/ssh is and how to use it

2. Downloading optware

In order to get the Mt-daapd server running on your wdtv, you first need to have optware installed. So :

  • first download from b-rad
  • extract the opt.bin from the zip file and place it in the root of your boot device
  • cold boot the wdtv (so completely disconnect from power and reconnect) with boot device (that contains opt.bin) connected

For more details about optware, see b-rads tutorial here

3. Installing mt-daapd

  • connect to your wdtv via telnet/ssh.

You need the wdtv's IP address for this of course, so (1) check your router or (2) check the wdtv menu : settings, system, about

For more information about telnet/remote access, see : Telnet and ssh remote connections

Once you know the IP adress of your wdtv, connect to it with Telnet, Putty or another program. You'll get a screen like this :

wdtv login:

enter 'root' (without the quotes) and if asked for a password, just leave that empty and press enter.

Now you're connected to your wdtv and you should see something like this :

BusyBox v1.10.0 (2009-02-15 05:09:42 CST) built-in shell (msh)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.