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***NOTE:this file is extremely old, but still usefull, boot WDLXTV with the stock.osd.bin and perform an svn checkout of /osd folder to update prior to starting any new mods***
an additional program that you may find helpful is:
an additional program that you may find helpful is:

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If I can do this so can you!!!!!!!

First let's set up you're computer for OSD modding

You'll need programs for the following:

graphics editing

XML editing

Linux OS

Here's how I started.

since I don't have a computer specific for linux I installed VMWare Player on my vista laptop VMWare Player is free and allows you to set up a linux OS without needing another computer


Once VMWare player was installed, I downloaded and installed Kubuntu Kubuntu is a free linux distribution, which I installed inside VMWare Player as the Operating system

Next download the stock.osd.bin , this will be your framework for creating your own theme by using this you will not need to learn to create your own .bin file


      • NOTE:this file is extremely old, but still usefull, boot WDLXTV with the stock.osd.bin and perform an svn checkout of /osd folder to update prior to starting any new mods***

an additional program that you may find helpful is: explore2fs - this will allow you access to the files inside stock.osd.bin within a windows environment, you'll simply export the directory to whatever folder you desire within windows, you can then edit any photo's or xml's with your favorite windows based editing programs


if you like you can configure vmware player to share files between your 2 desktops, but for ease, I simply used a usb stick, copied stock.osd.bin and renamed it kad.osd.bin you can name your mod whatever you like xxxx.osd.bin

I then copied the file to the kubuntu desktop and created a folder on the desktop called "osd" this folder will be the mounting point for accessing files within xxxx.osd.bin

in kubuntu open the terminal from the location of stock.osd.bin


   sudo mount -o loop stock.osd.bin osd
   stock.osd.bin = the name of your osd.bin file
   osd = the name of the folder your created earlier on desktop (mounting point)

if you have chosen different locations for your stock.osd.bin or your folder used for a mounting point you will need to adjust the commands for the correct path and directory

the above command will prompt for sudo password, sudo is the equivelent of administrator and should be the password for your user id in kubuntu, if you're the administrator, which I suspect you are, type your password and key "enter"

now check the osd folder you should see several folders and alot of xml's

trouble shooting

if you do not see the files, but file manager shows any number of files

if you can see xml's but upon entering the folder images you can't see anything

if you can not paste your edited images into the images folder

go to the terminal and type

   sudo chmod -R 777 osd
   osd = the folder created earlier (mounting point)

this will adjust the file permissions so that everything is editablenow just copy paste your edited jpg. .png or .xml files, which you edited with your favorite editing program

there are a couple of images from the images folder that are used, example



the majority of icons used are located at images/villa/

some examples include:

video icon selected = home_video_main_icon_f.png

video icon not selected = home_video_main_icon_n.png

photo icon selected = home_photo_main_icon_f.png

photo icon not selected = home_photo_main_icon_n.png

music icon selected = home_music_main_icon_f.png

music icon not selected = home_music_main_icon_n.png

setting icon selected = home_setting_main_icon_f.png

setting icon not selected = home_setting_main_icon_n.png

and of coarse many more

once all your files are in place go to your terminal and type

   sudo umount osd
   osd = folder created earlier (mounting point)

this will unmount the osd.bin file and save all the changes you have made

now copy your modified xxxx.osd.bin it to your usb stick and insert into wdtvlive and reboot

you should see the effect of your changes

of coarse many other things can be changed

the xml files describe image location and attributes the majority of the home page is taken from villa_home.xml I'm still learning how to edit xml's but I found the linux program "Kate" which is included in kubuntu does just fine

you'll find most items are described with:

x=(horizotal starting point) 0 is left

y=(vertical starting point) 0 is top

w=(width of image)

h=(hight of image)



I plan to update this guide as possible and invite more experience OSD modders to fill in gaps. and outline more complex items not addressed here which might include more detail on xml editing, text editing, custom scripts, svn updatable, etc

2 additional resources/tools are:




Orginal post at: http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=1899