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* fixed typo preventing S00custom-options from executing
* persistent video resume filename correction: video_resume_points_table
* dos2unix /conf/net.mounts & /conf/net.config to fix windows editing


* now based on firmware 1.03.01!!!
* persistent video resuming enabled if empty file called: video_resume_table exists at root of device at boot
* WDLXTV can disable all 'WDLXTV' features (config_tool -c WDLXTV=OFF)
* crazymount can be disabled (config_tool -c CRAZYMOUNT=OFF)
* crazymount can be set to load apps ONLY (config_tool -c CRAZYMOUNT=APPSONLY)
* Optical drivers can be disabled (config_tool -c DISABLEOPTICAL=YES)
* rc startup scripts can be disabled (config_tool -c RC=OFF)
* can be disabled (config_tool -c LISTWATCH=OFF)
* can be disabled (config_tool -c MOUNTWATCH=OFF)
* can be disabled (config_tool -c PLUGWATCH=OFF)
* NTP can be delayed (for possible NTP+remote fix] (config_tool -c NTP_DELAY=10)
* net.mounts execution can be delayed [possible sluggish remote fix] (config_tool -c NET_MOUNTS_DELAY=10)
* all this disabling is untested & experimental!!!!!!!!

* disable NTP to fix (maybe) sluggish remote & video resume issues (from ssh/telnet console: config_tool -c NTP=OFF)

* re-enabled screen_saver.png
* added missing icons & xml from official FW1.02.11
* rewrote
**** removed active device polling/activity -- no disk activity
**** redesigned .addMounts background implementation
**** accomodate devices with no UUID better
* disable .addMounts for a directory (for app.bins) by non-destructively adding entry to /conf/config:IGNORE_SCANDIR
* monitors /conf/config for changes before acting
* small patches to xmount, crazymount, &
* /conf/fstab now available, by UUID only
* crazyboot & respect fstab
* users are enabled (experimental)


* Now based on firmware 1.02.11
* includes Ernis patched (untested!!)

* custom USB slot icons can be enabled (look at S00custom-options)
* Optical drive thumb if no image present on media
* re-insanified crazyboot
* fixed typo in
* fixed app.bin's residing on NTFS partitions
* crazyboot fix if no app.bin's contained on device with .thumbDB dir
* workaround for .addMounts on NTFS drive with locally plugged media connected at boot
*** if you use .addMounts the device will not be ejectable from the OSD due to the extra mounts it contains ***
*** if you don't like this, don't use .addMounts ; ) ***
*** Optical drives are only visible in folder view ***

* all app.bin's are disabled during upgrade process (aka no rcS's are executed)


* shaved 25s+ off boot time!!! :-D
* rearranged boot cycle
* rewrote device mounting subsystem
* sane-ified crazyboot
* better hub support
* all media files can now show up in various media library enabled areas :-D
*** requires file called .addMounts on root of device you'd like extra mounts contained ***
*** cycle media library off&on to rescan files ***
* LaurentG's asstd patches
* added 15 thumb view to music/photo (default=10 - refer to S00custom-options to change to 15)
* ability to relocate/have persistent (+++fast) thumbnail database on a device
*** requires directory named .thumbDB on root of attached device ***
* 24 loopback devices
* check S00custom-options for setting to permanently set timezone
* few other minor things maybe
**** download updated ****


* based on firmware 1.02.10
* fixed (finally) optical drive functionality
* USB Hub support for more than one device per slot
* LaurentG's to allow disabling of Media Library :-)
* LaurentG's additional thumb browse views
* LaurentG's other assorted patches
* changed selector of thumb views (look at S00custom-options for examples)
* 32 (real) loopback devices now (thx disco)
* techflaws corrected deutsch translation
* NFS & pure-ftp server removed due to size constraints

* OSD tweaks
* changed now playing view format
* added selectable 4, 6, 8 item list view (default=8) (via shell: config_tool -c THUMBNUM=X)
* added selectable 4, 8, 12 thumb browse view (default=12) (via shell: config_tool -c LISTNUM=X)
* increased font size of title to 32 in thumb view
* removed 2 unused binaries
* updated build scripts to dynamically generate all version info
* sample S00custom-options provided

* fixed crazymount typo preventing app.bin's from loading


* fixed osd mounting typo in crazymount
* cleaned up symlink'd dirs
* removed (deprecated with [un]official ext2/3 support)
* added Rezmus's additional font sizes OSD tweak
* fixed S00custom-option execution
* chmod 700'd /root
* fixed timezone functionality
* increased loopback devices from 8 -> 24
* option to prevent device connected at boot from spinning down on power off (if device contains file called .keepalive it will not be spun down)


* based on firmware 1.02.07, ext2/ext3 filesystem support is official!!!
* more md5sums added for corruption checking
* a single startup script can be placed in /conf, called S00user-script
   * syntax errors in S00user-script will prevent your
    osd from booting, be careful!
* crazymounts wait is now user extendable, default = 10 seconds
   * if /conf/crazymount.wait exists and contains a single integer,
     delay will be extended (useful for drives that are slow to settle) 


* emergency flash upgrade/freeze recovery now added
  * requires a full firmware image called emergency-wdtv.bin and
    a file called emergency-flash on the root of a device at boot
* Custom background and screen saver images can be supplied at boot
  * requires welcome_background_bg.jpg (maxsize=524288) or
    screen_saver.png to exist on a device attached at boot
  * original screen_saver & welcome_background are supplied,
    in case you desire them.
* A custom startup script can be supplied to
 enable/disable/whatever at boot
  * requires a script called S00custom-options on the root
    of a device attached at boot
* OSD overlays must be named as follows: .osd.bin
  * example: myoverlay.osd.bin
* added another 5s wait for slow devices to come online at boot.
* no benign shell errors when booting with serial cable
* reboot now sync's & (attempts to) umount devices before rebooting


* based on firmware 1.02.06

* fixed typo's in crazymount, core-extras now works
* attached disks are sync'd every 120s
* rearranged device mounting


* based on firmware 1.02.04

* added more logging
* fixed typo in hotplugging script
* ext2/ext3/NFS/CIFS/XFS/reiserFS mounting fixed (for real this time).

* fixed NFS/CIFS/XFS/reiserFS mounting (finally noticed it was broken)


* now based off firmware 1.02.03
* screen_saver shrunken for size 


* fixed OSD sluggishness
* corrected freezing setup->about screen


* all OSD images are back to original size
* once again removed fsck_hfs for the space (download
* OSD tweaks (filename listings are much wider)


* now based on firmware 1.02.00
* fsck_hfs is back in the firmware, no binaries have been removed this time
* thanks to DXR for reducing a handful of large OSD images to give me extra space : )
* fixed background back to Hardwood Night (after a mishap)


* rewrote hotplugging/unplugging script
* defaults to video on boot
* independant welcome_logo and screen_saver
* Samba/CIFS support aka windows share mounting (requires Samba app pack)
* Experimental wireless adapter support (thx to Zorander) (requires wireless-mod-wdlxtv app pack)
* new logo’s by Pennhaven


* actually fixed hostname issue
* osd tweaks (welcome screen & setup->about) to display IP & hostname
* updated cd.eject to handle usb bus resets a bit better
* updated crazymount
* fixed net.agent to read net.config for custom network settings
* xmount will now dump message to /tmp/messages.log upon failure
* new WDLXTV welcome logo by Pennhaven


* cleaned up init
* fixed hostname issues
* corrected passwd issue with /etc/shadow for ssh server
* added /root/.ssh/authorized_keys -> /conf/authorized_keys for passwordless ssh (using ssh-keygen)
* added fstab entries to remove annoying fsck message
* redid OSD overlay formatting, can selectively replace any OSD file via an app.bin pack (tutorial to come)
* app.bin packs can contain kernel modules & modules.dep now
* changed WDTV logo to Pennhaven's HD-X logo (thx!)
* changed background to
* added pre-loading of, for boot time xfs & reiserfs with hotplugging

0.1 - initial release